Chairman's Message

In parallel with the vision and extraordinary growth of India, Deshmukh & company continues to be at the forefront of the construction industry and a major player in the on-going development of the nation. Deshmukh & company has fully diversified contracting capabilities through which we have successfully delivered numerous prestigious projects for local clients and we continue to participate in large scale projects either independently or in a joint venture.

Deshmukh & company’s future challenge in this dynamic market is to maximize its competitive edge and take full advantage of the strong Road & Infrastructure opportunities, which continue to emerge in India. We are all working together to support Deshmukh & company’s Mission “To procure project at competitive appraising, provide safe working conditions and deliver quality work within reasonable time frame”. I take this opportunity to offer my appreciation and gratitude to Deshmukh & company’s partners and clients without which our continued success would not be possible. I look forward to a long and sustained partnership with you all.

  • To Our Staff

    M/S. Deshmukh And Company recognize that our primary asset is our people, and that a truly successful company needs to be a rewarding work environment for its staff. Our company is structured and managed to provide ample opportunity and establishment for our team to reach their optimum potential. We believe that mutual respect forms the base of our success.

    Our people are crucial in the delivery of services and solution to our clients. In our company everyone is equipped with right skill, knowledge and attitude. A comprehensive training programme is put in place to constantly upgrade our people in technical and management skill.

    We believe firmly in providing the right training and practical knowledge for our people to execute their duties and responsibilities confidently. Our aims are to stay relevant to the ever-changing market and client requirement. Our company is eager to achieve our goals.

  • To our Clients

    M/S. Deshmukh And Company will offer excellent quality construction service to our clients by utilizing the best available technology and well trained skilled workers from project conceptualization to project completion and maintenance. Our service will exceed their expectations and will set the benchmark for our competitors.

  • To the Environment

    M/S. Deshmukh And Company will preserve the environment and our natural resources. We will use our knowledge and skills to reduce pollution, eliminate hazardous practices and decrease wastage. We will utilize our resources wisely in hopes of a cleaner and greener future.

  • To the Community

    M/S. Deshmukh And Company believe that our success should benefit the community and that our prosperity should maintain the local economy. We will contribute to the development of our location and support its trade, integrate our business with its industries, and support its initiatives.